Magazine Wrapping  

D&D The Specialists In Magazine Wrapping 

Our state of the art machinery includes six high speed plastic wrapping multi-functional Sitma machines in each state. 

We have the capacity to handle jobs of any size, the flexibility to support all our customers needs and the confidence to give a 100 per cent guarantee of supply. Our own dedicated expert staff maintain our equipment under a rigorous maintenance plan, and we carry a comprehensive supply of spare parts. That’s why no customer has ever experienced any impact from a machinery breakdown.

We can offer all types of magazine wrap including material that is made with recycled resin and can be recycled along with Home Compostable film and our own product Biowrap which is made from recycled material.



Home Compostable Magazine Wrap

We can offer home compostable magazine wrap, this material is manufactured under licence and meet all Australian Standards, please contact our sales and or customer service staff for more information including pricing and availability.


Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) - Magazine Wrap

 Post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic refers to plastic materials that have been reclaimed and processed after they have been used and discarded by consumrers.

This process helps reduce wast, conserve resources and mitigate the environment impact of plastic pollution. By repurposing and reintegrating these materials into new products we can create a more sustainable and circular economy.