D&D Mailing Services Privacy Policy

Mail Distribution Australian domestic and Overseas Mail

Plastic Wrap Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 32 611 049 879) trading as D & D Mailing Services (D & D) considers the responsible use of personal information to be of vital importance and is aware of the sensitivity of confidential data provided and is committed to respecting your privacy.

Personal information such as contact names and contact details of customers are held for the purposes of accounting and the distribution of information that D & D may feel important for customers in the operation of their business.

D & D acknowledges that any information collected will not be sold, reused, rented, shared, loaned or otherwise disclosed in any other way.

Receipt, Management, Storage and Disposal of Database Information

Data processing D & D Mailing privacy policy, names, addresses, mailing data protected D & D acknowledges that databases (computer disks, electronic data or pre-addressed sheets, laser letters etc) received from customers are owned by that customer. The information contained within the database will be used solely and exclusively for the purpose of despatching the customers mailings and no data will be sold, reused, rented, shared, loaned or otherwise disclosed in any other way without written permission from the database owner.

Any requests for deletion from databases is the responsibility of the customer which owns the database and D & D will not delete any information without written authority from individual customers.

D & D will not duplicate, reproduce or retain all or any part of the information supplied by customers in any form whatsoever other than as specified by our customers.

Upon the completion of the mailing and in the absence of specific instructions from the customer, databases will be disposed of in the most appropriate manner.

Access to databases is password protected and kept under lock and is restricted to D & D staff who have a specific need to use such information to undertake the mailings. Each staff member has signed confidentiality agreements relating to the handling of data.

All staff are aware of the confidentiality and security required in relation to all aspects of data.

Data entry (additions, amendments and deletions) of personal information performed by D & D is undertaken on behalf of, and in accordance with customers specific instructions. D & D considers that any information obtained by its customers has been gathered in accordance with the Privacy Act and D & D can not be held liable for any contravention of the Act(Privacy Act 1988). Upon completion the information will be dealt with in accordance with customers instructions.

D & D strives to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of personal information submitted, and periodically updates its security measures in light of current technologies. You need to be aware of inherent risks associated with the transmission of information via the internet. D & D cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any personal information you submit. If you have concerns in this regard, D & D has other ways of obtaining and providing information. Normal mail, diskette, telephone and fax facilities are available.